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About us

Limited Liability Company "Commercial and Industrial Group" Alliance ", arranged and recorded 30.09.1999.INN 3442050860.
Company seat:g.Volgograd, ul.Krasnopolyanskaya 33.The property of our organization is a complex real estate property on a plot area of \u200b\u200b13 360 square.m.
Primary activities of the organization:
- production
- Trade and Procurement
On the basis of trade-industry group Alliance in 2000, was established design group to develop products that meet modern requirements, namely:
1) to develop and manufacture components and assemblies for passenger vehicles
2) development and production of buses and a small middle class
3) production of electrical products for industrial enterprises of the metallurgical complex
4) to develop and manufacture according to customer requirements chassis for buses of small and middle-class.
valves, hatches, vents, etc..Our products have been successfully operated on the following passenger vehicles:
trolley - family ZIU-682;5275;5284;5288;5290;sightseeing (r.Novosibirsk)
buses - Model 6222;5256;3007;Ikarus-280
trams - KTM family;PTMF
In January, 2005.Guided by the customer's request (large operator), we began to design and manufacture of small bus category of class M-3.Presented by us in March 2006.machine has successfully passed the certification test and received certification and the "vehicle type" as the model 3007.
At the moment, we have developed and supplied to customers following its own products:
1.Valves passenger door assemblies for trams, trolley buses and buses (complete with axles and brackets) - 11 species.The design of the valves of doors protected by a utility model certificate
2.Emergency - vents and side hatches for buses in the collection (with the mechanisms, edging and sealing) - 2 products
3.Window vents cab and passenger compartment.
4.Front and rear bumpers.
5.Panel driver assembly.
6.Decorative exterior moldings and ending them.
7.Edging profile wheelhouse.
8.Profiles window for finishing the openings of windows from the inside.
9.Profile to set the panoramic windscreen.
10.The various sealing profiles.
11.Footrests doors of fire-retardant durable insulating material.
12.Various insulation boxes for sealing a body of technical sections.
13.Laths front and rear for installation of lighting.
14.Electrical products for industrial use
- collectors series TC, TKN
- holders of a series of trolls DT
In business, "TPG" Alliance "is selling goods:
1.Trolleybuses and buses in various completeness, body-colored.
2.Spare parts for trolley buses.
3.Steel Casting (cones, caps, body products, bearing shields, etc..)
4.Electrical products (motors, electro-hydraulic thrusters, collectors, trolleederzhateli, panels, contactors, relays, pumps, resistors, power resistors, switches, etc..)
5.Other (hardware, metal, wire, cable, plastic, and r.d.).